When I need help with a new strategy for my business, my nonprofit programs or my personal brand, I talk to Ashley. She helps me find my way out of the maze, being one of those rare types who combines “down to earth” with “the big picture” and a great listener who knows exactly the right questions to ask.

When you work with someone with her caliber of experience and insight, you find yourself coming up with new solutions and ideas that you didn’t even think possible. Ashley helps you find your center of gravity and come up with awesome marketing strategies. Sit down with her for even just 30 minutes and you’ll see what I mean! Ashley rocks.
— Chris Douglas, Founder, Lone Star Africa Works
Ashley has a tremendous talent for recognizing the most effective methods of digital media marketing and promotion. She was able to cut through a cloud of confusion and complexity to develop a targeted, effective, efficient and professional approach to reaching our potential customers. Ashley also built my personal thought-leadership brand, leveraging content marketing methods to promote my position as an influencer and subject-matter expert. I have unabashed and unreserved praise for her skills, talents, abilities, ambition and persistence. I look forward to working with Ashley again in the future.
— Charles B. (Buddy) Owen, M.D., Chief Medical Information Officer, Afoundria
Working with Ashley over the past year has been rewarding as a business owner and also, I believe, has improved my own personal communication.

Ashley is proactive and tenacious in working towards company goals; and she works in a way that reinforces collaboration and teamwork. Ashley spearheaded many new successful projects and initiatives to professionalize marketing processes and technology all while educating the people within our organization.

She is a top-notch business professional with a heart for people and the missions we serve. She cares about social impact and the business goals, both. Recommending Ashley is an easy thing to do and I do so without hesitation or reservation.
— Jon McBride, CEO, Afoundria
Ashley is extremely personable and willing to pitch in to get the job done. She was an asset in helping us develop our digital media strategy from ground up and in executing new approaches.
— Debby Denehy, Director, Petroleum Extension Service
Ashley was a pivotal member of the founding team of Verb. We were originally six people running a portfolio of high-profile competitions for global brands, like Dell, IBM and LIVESTRONG. Ashley led our communications and community engagement. She did whatever it took to help us hit our metrics, including leading all digital marketing, developing content, engaging influencers, and more. As a result, our competitions earned 250 million - 500 million media impressions each!

Ashley is incredibly positive, resourceful and gets things done. She is a fantastic listener and dedicated hard worker. For example, Ashley identified a huge business development opportunity for Verb that led to a 6-year $5M contract for our start-up company. We would not have even gone for it if she had not pushed us. Ashley will bring high ROI to any team she joins and I would say she is exceptional “value for money.”
— Suzi Sosa, CEO, Verb
When Ashley joined Afoundria, we were in the midst of rapidly consolidating healthcare market conditions, and our messaging was not keeping up with changing customer requirements. She brought the professional experience and discipline that professionalized our marketing efforts into formal, repeatable processes and ensured that our sales pipeline propelled us through the next stage of growth. Somehow, she also responded to every crisis with a smile, resolved the crisis, and came back for more.

Ashley is a genuine pleasure to work with, a solid member of any team, and I would definitely recommend her marketing efforts of all sizes.
— Luke Gilliam, Chief Operating Officer, Afoundria
I came to Ashley feeling lost and confused about how to market my new health coaching business. Within 5 minutes of talking with her, she gave great feedback on my website such as rearranging my main message to front and center on my website that has already had a positive impact on my business.

Ashley answered all of my questions and doubts about my website layout and how to how to drive traffic and potential clients to my site with niche-targeting content and SEO. She also explained to me about how to run specific Facebook ads to drive more traffic that can convert into leads. After just one session working with Ashley, I already feel like I have more confidence and direction in my marketing strategy!
— Allison Clark, Founder, Go With Your Gut